10. Chat up lines (Personal Ads)

Cílová skupina
Tato aktivita je určená pro studenty SŠ s jazykovou úrovní B1 a vyšší.

Instrukce pro učitele
Instrukce jsou uvedeny postupně v textu, jedná se o komplexní aktivitu. Je zde vtipnou formou vysvětleno, co jsou osobní inzeráty a na závěr studenti i svůj vlastní osobní inzerát vytvoří.

Cíl aktivity
Cílem aktivity je zábavnou formou seznámit studenty s tzv. osobními inzeráty a také připravit studenty na vytvoření vlastního inzerátu.

Key Vocabulary

To break the ice - To start a conversation with a stranger or someone you don’t know very well, and make them feel comfortable

The icebreaker - The “icebreaker” is the first thing you say to get the conversation going.

To chat up – to start a conversation with a person you think is attractive

Cheesy – cheap and of low quality

A Chat up line – This is a funny, cheesy and often quite stupid icebreaker used by boys to chat up girls. It is usually a compliment, often a very big one. They rarely work, but it doesn’t stop boys from using them over and over again.

Some Examples:
Boy: Excuse me
Girl: Yes
Boy: Did it hurt?
Girl: Did what hurt?
Boy: When you fell from heaven!
Boy: Hello there!
Girl: Hi
Boy: I’m Mr. Right. I believe you’ve been looking for me.
Boy: Good evening.
Girl: Evening
Boy: You look good enough to eat! If you were a McDonalds Hamburger, you’d be a McBeautiful?


What is a Personal Ad?
A personal ad is an advertisement; usually in a newspaper or magazine; written by someone looking for a romantic relationship or friendship. The ad usually includes a description of the person writing it, their interests, and the kind of person they are looking for.

Personal ads are also called Lonely Hearts

Personal Ads often contain special abbreviations (short versions of words)
Mr. is an abbreviation of Mister
Ok. is an abbreviation of Okay
Ad is an abbreviation of Advertisement

Here are some popular Personal Ad abbreviations:
S - single
D - divorced
W - white
F - female
M - male
ISO - in search of
ND - no drugs
NS - no smoking
LTR - long term relationship
YO - Year Old

Why do you think Personal ads use a lot of abbreviations?
Do you know anybody who has written a personal ad (in a newspaper or on the internet)?
Did they find true love?
Do you think internet dating is safe?


OLD SCHOOL GUY: Handsome, rugged, loyal, tattooed SWM, 35 YO, seeks F, 25-40. Someone to share life with, lean on, learn from, trust and love. I love the outdoors, kids, work. I am very compromising w/a backbone. No games.

Loyal – not changing in your support or friendship
Rugged – a strong attractive face or body
To Compromise – to lower your demands or change your opinions so an agreement can be reached
W/A – with a
Backbone – strength of character

ARE YOU LONELY? Me, too! Tired of it? Me, too! Me: SWF, 50 +. Lots of love for the right M. Caring, kind, passionate, humorous, outdoorsy. You: SWM, 45-55 YO, not lonely anymore! Why? You have me!

Outdoorsy – loves the outdoors
Passionate – to have very strong emotions and feelings

THAT SPECIAL KISS: Let's wrap our arms. 48 YO divorced, handsome one-woman man. A lonely, toe-curling smoocher looking for someone who understands it takes two to achieve. Please connect the dots and call for more info.

Smoocher – someone who is good at kissing or slow dancing
To connect – to join or be joined


You are looking for love. All your friends are married and can’t help you find that special someone. You decide to write a personal ad. It should be short and sweet.

You can be:

  • A different age
  • A different sex
  • Have a different job
  • Have different likes and dislikes


What you must say. You must briefly describe what your character is like and what you are looking for. Than put the ads on the noticeboard. Each student has to chose and reply to at least ONE ad. The winner is the person who gets the most replies.

A Personal ad is like a short relationship C. V. Try to make it interesting.