15. Phone in

Cílová skupina
Pro žáky ZŠ a studenty SŠ a gymnázií.

Instrukce pro učitele
Žáci postupují podle instrukcí v pracovním listě, nejprve se seznámí s názory jednotlivých posluchačů a poté se snaží formulovat svůj vlastní názor na téma mobilních telefonů. Témata k diskuzi lze libovolně obměnovat.

Cíl aktivity
Cílem aktivity je seznámení žáků s typem programu Phone in a vyjádření vlastního názoru na dané téma v angličtině.

A radio station recently asked its listeners for their points of view about mobile phones. This is what some of them said. As you read the dialogues think about the following:
  • Do you agree with anything the people say?
  • Do you know anyone with similar views to these people?
  • What would you reply to this person if you were the radio presenter?
Paula from Newcastle
“I couldn’t live without my mobile phone. I think I’m addicted to it in fact! make over twenty phone calls a day and send at least forty text messages. I just like to be in touch with all my friends. I can’t really remember what my life was like before I had my mobile. I wouldn’t give it up for all the money in the world.”
Maria from Cardiff
“I have a mobile but I try not to use it too much. When I do have to use it for a long time I worry about what’s happening to my brain. Sometimes my ear gets really hot and I get a headache. I’m sure it’s not good for you to use a mobile for long periods of time. We all use them but there hasn’t been much research into the possible dangers.”
Mahesh from London
“I think they’re really useful. It’s great to be able to call a mate and tell him you’ll be a bit late to meet him. The other day my car broke down on the motorway and it was great to be able to phone for help. I got lost on the way to a friend’s house the other day and she told me the directions as I was walking along. That was really handy.”
Simon from Plymouth
“I have never had a mobile phone. I work from home, I’m a writer, so I really don’t need one. I have to phone friends on their mobiles though and my phone bill has gone up lots since everyone started using mobiles. My girlfriend keeps trying to convince me to get one, but I won’t. People think I’m a bit strange not having one but I don’t want people to be able to know where I am and what I’m doing every minute of the day. I like to be un-contactable!”
Anna from London
“I have a phone but I’m really careful about switching it off when I’m in public places. I hate having to listen to other people’s conversations on the train and on the bus. I try not to listen but it’s impossible when people speak loudly. Often they have really personal conversations and I just don’t want to know their private business. It can be embarrassing. I think they should be banned in restaurants, art galleries and on public transport. The whole mobile phone culture is out of control and we shouldn’t accept it. It’s noise pollution.”
Josh from Dublin
“I’m a teacher in a secondary schools and mobile phones really annoy me. The students send text messages to each other in the class and last month I caught two of my students cheating in an exam by sending messages to each other. In theory they are not allowed to bring them to school but it’s nearly impossible to stop them. I don’t think parents should buy them for their children. It’s crazy to see eleven year olds with their own mobiles. It must cost a fortune for their parents too.”
Ben from Glasgow
“I’m a bit of a phone fanatic. I always want to have the latest model. I now have one of those phones that takes photos. It’s great when you’re out partying; you can take photos of pretty girls in the bars and send them to your mates! We have such a laugh taking photos of people when they don’t know. Once I saw my sister’s boyfriend out with another girl – so I took a photo of him and this other girl and sent it to my sister! That was the end of that relationship! I never liked him much anyway!”
Now imagine you are going to phone in to the radio programme. What would you say? Write your comment below and then share it with the class.